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  • If Pro Cyclists were Game of Thrones characters

    If Pro Cyclists were Game of Thrones characters

    What would happen if pro cyclist were Game of Thrones characters? Who would play a hero and who would play a badass? What would happen if we moved our favourite athletes into the world full of splattered blood and guts? 1. Peter Sagan – Tyrion Lannister They used to harras women and made rude jokes.…

  • Cycling World Champions Ranking

    Cycling World Champions Ranking

    The second part of the season has just ended. It?s time to make a summary, how cycling World Champions of the last decade performed. Let?s check, if the ?curse of rainbow jersey? exists or not. Athletes in rainbow jersey have to deal with hundereds of issues: media coverage of their each step, improved visibility in…

  • The Best of the Decade

    The Best of the Decade

    Did you know that Michal Kwiatkowski is the best World Champion since Tom Boonen wore a rainbow jersey in 2006? Of course 2015 is just at its beginning, but we can consider the first part of cycling spring as some kind of hint. I?ve decided to take Paris-Roubaix as a final part of the season…

  • The Anatomy of A Cobbles Hero

    The Anatomy of A Cobbles Hero

    The classics season is just about to blossom. It?s vintage-style cycling presented by its true heroes. But what makes a perfect favorite of a cobbled classics? If you look at the contenders that fight for the win in Tour of Flandres or in Paris-Roubaix, you can see many details that make them unique. They have…