If Pro Cyclists were Game of Thrones characters

What would happen if pro cyclist were Game of Thrones characters? Who would play a hero and who would play a badass? What would happen if we moved our favourite athletes into the world full of splattered blood and guts?

1. Peter Sagan – Tyrion Lannister


They used to harras women and made rude jokes. After some harsh experiences, they grew up into mature champions.

2. Oleg Tinkow – Daenerys Targaryen


During last several seasons, they were mainly talking about their future conquests.

3. Lance Armstrong – Tywin Lannister


For many years, they were rulers of all that burden, but finally, the justice reached them.

4. Jonathan Vaughters – Faith Militant


Some time ago he used to enjoy hanging out with sinners. Nowadays he is a converted, follower of purity. He led to the conviction of the evilest guy in the business.

5. Alberto Contador – Jon Snowcontador001

When it had seemed that he’d been done for, he was resurrected and able to achieve a spectacular success.

6. Thibaut Pinot – Sansa Stark


They used to be scared of everything; now they are growing strong.

7. Vincenzo Nibali – Petyr Baelish


You can have mixed feelings towards both of them but remember, never underestimate their skills and powers.

8. Michele Ferrari – Melisandre


They are in the business for many years. Not everyone like them, but on the other hand, it is likely that they can do miracles.

9. Alejandro Valverde – Sandor Clegane


Veterans, well, it looks like the veterans are just bulletproof.

10. The Secret Pro – Varys


They know almost everything, but we?re not sure about their real motives.